DeCamp Studios ~ Wall Art With A Flair

Wall Murals

Wall Art Murals for baby girl or boy nursery and kids room decor. Jungle Murals, Barnyard Murals, Monkey Murals, and Dinosaur Murals are just a few of the many themes to choose from. 

Below is an example of how the murals are put together:


Each wall mural is made up of a different number of sticker sheets. These images are printed on 11"x 8.5" CLEAR sticker paper, making the background transparent. Each sheet arrives UN-CUT, but there are simple instructions, lines, and numbers on the sticker sheets to show you exactly where to make the cuts and to carefully put them all together to create the mural size image.   Your sticker sheets will connect like this image on the left. The black lines will not show on the wall. The black lines are to show you how each sheet connects. Very simple instructions included with your purchase. Last, you separate the images from the sticker paper, peel, and stick.